Welding & Fabrication

Subcontract Machining & Fabrication

  We specialise in fast turn around machining and fabrication for both small batch parts to large volume manufacturing at competitive prices. Our range of both CNC and conventional machines gives us the flexibility to machine jobs quickly. We can machine all materials from plastic to aluminium to stainless steel and exotic alloys. We can work from drawings or copy samples. No job is too small whatever it is you need we can deliver.

         With both expert machinists and welders under one roof the complete fabrication package is available at Taylor Engineering. Not only can we machine all materials we can weld all materials as well, including aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, alloys and more. We have state of the art MIG and TIG welders and all our welders are coded so you can rest assured our work is to the highest quality. We have both press brakes and rolling machines on site allowing us to form sheet metal to drawings or samples.

Hydraulic cylinders

We manufacture a variety of hydraulic cylinders at our site in Birmingham. We can test, re-seal, and adapt cylinders to suit your needs. Whether you have a leaking ram and need us to examine it to see what’s causing the leak, or if you need to reduce the stroke length of an existing cylinder we are happy to help. We have state of the art CNC machines on site so If your cylinder has a damaged part be it the piston, gland nut, chrome or tube; We can manufacture it here from the old part and re-assemble and test the ram for you.

Dustcart Repairs

We specialise in dustcart and other waste collection vehicle repairs. We can repair all types of dustcart from Front end loaders to Hook lifts and skip loaders. We have a combined total of over 50 years’ experience in the refuse industry.

We can offer:

  • To supply or supply and fit new body or hopper floors
  • Blade and/or slide refurbishment
  • Cylinder replacement (we can also repair cylinders if economically viable)
  • Cylinder seal replacement
  • Hoist overhaul (Take apart hoist and/or slide and change all damaged parts)
  • Any necessary welding repairs done 
  • Grind out any cracks and weld up- Plate over if necessary.
  • Supply and fit new lifting hooks
  • Supply new net carrier arms and net roller on sheeting systems
  • Supply and fit side cheeks for the inside of dustcart hoppers
  • We can paint our repairs to your vehicle to any RAL colour to suit your fleet

We keep over 2500 parts in stock for next day delivery from our stores in Birmingham. If it’s a special part not stocked, we can manufacture here from our workshop getting your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

If you’re waiting for a machined part for your vehicle from overseas and it has a long lead time we may be able to manufacture it quicker and cheaper to get your vehicle back up and running. We only replace what is absolutely necessary and we refurbish what we can to extend the life of your vehicle whilst keeping the costs down.


Welding is fundamental to engineering and manufacturing. Without the ability to make strong and durable connections between materials it would be impossible to produce the many different items we all rely on in our everyday lives.

Our capacity includes:

160 ton 3.2 meter brake press
Guillotine 3 metres x 6mm thick
Power rolls
Mild steel, Aluminium and Stainless welding

NC Lathe and Milling machines
Manufacture and repair Hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulic test rig allows us to test repairs to hydraulic cylinders, fuel and oil tanks
All types of steel repairs/flooring for vehicles – made to measure and fitted
Machine all types of material from plastic to aluminium to stainless steel
Supply all types of steel in all shapes cut to size (RSJ’s, Sheets, Box section, Profiles)